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Before last week


I made one of my many trips to London yesterday and for once I thought hard about my journey and how I’d get from A to B when I got there.  A week ago I would not have done that.

My son, who I adore and of whom I am so proud is working in Europe for a week. I find myself using messenger to interfere into his busy life and check how he’s doing….. a week ago I would not have done that.

Maybe, you say, you’re just a sentimental type and you think too hard about too little…but a word keeps coming into my mind, it’s the word “safe”.

As a nurse of many years, safe is a watch word, a responsibility, a desire and an understood norm, something I measure intuitively and in some ways have taken for granted.    I did not feel the need to state the importance of maintaining safety, it was an unvoiced expectation by all who work in or experience care.

I find myself sending emails, writing on social networks and wanting to end with a safety message, so maybe it is me….but I scroll back through my messages and note I’ve not done it before, not before last week.

But yesterday I was on a train, heading to London and sat opposite a complete stranger. As we got off the train we exchanged the pleasantry of the traveller  “Where are you headed next? What are you down for?”   As we stepped off the train we nodded to each other as the mutual strangers we were, and as she left she said “be safe”… Would she have said that to me……before last week?

I don’t want to feel like this, but I realise I’m not alone and the awareness is probably a healthy response to such tragic events.

It won’t stop me living my life, we can’t let “them” win,  but  is this the new way to “be” in this world?

If so, family, friends, colleagues and strangers,  be safe.

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